Neatherlin Family History

An American Family History


Dating back before the 1800s, the Neatherlin family and their descendents have helped shape the history of the United States.

Our family history is American history. Our ancestors were famous lawmen, legendary cattle drive bosses, rowdy cowboys, and strong pioneer women of the Old West. Our heritage includes civic leaders, politicians, miners, and even an outlaw or two.

On this website our family shares our family history, photographs that put a face to a name, and stories handed down from generation to generation.

Our ancestors blazed the Chisholm Trail, negotiated with Comanche Chief Cochise, and pioneered Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Today our family members live from coast to coast but we each find strength and kinship in our Neatherlin family roots.

We hope you enjoy our the story and invite you to share facts, documents, photographs, stories, and links about the Neatherlin Family History. We also invite and encourage people to donate via email information, photos, stories, and other information that will help make our story more complete and accurate. Please email items to the Neatherlin Website Project. Thank you! 

The photo above is of James Mabry Neatherlin, apparently displayed in the Museum of the Western Prairie in Altus, Oklahoma.

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